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File:Boston Red Sox vs Cleveland Indians 1940 ...Which Game? May 6th? How about the Trophy?File:Burro.jpgFile:Carl Yastrzemski's Plaque.jpg
File:Carl Yastrzemski's Retired Number.pngFile:Carl Yastrzemski.jpgFile:Carlton Fisk's Retired Number.png
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File:Forum new.gifFile:Harry Frazee.jpgFile:Harry Hooper.jpg
File:Jackie Robinson's Retired Number.pngFile:Jackie Robinson.jpgFile:Jim Rice's Retired Number.png
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File:Roger Clemens.jpgFile:Sox vs Yankees.jpgFile:Sports.png
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File:Ted Williams.jpgFile:Ted Williams getting sworn into the military.jpgFile:TitleTemplate.png
File:VS logo.jpgFile:Wade Boggs Rays Retired Number.pngFile:Wade Boggs as Red Sox.jpg
File:Wade Boggs as Yankee.jpgFile:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:World Series Trophy.jpg
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