This page contains the Red Sox's important achievements such as World Series and AL Champions.

World Series Trophy

Red Sox Achievements
Achievement Date
AL Champs 1903
World Series 1903
AL Champs 1904
AL Champs 1912
World Series 1912
AL Champs 1915
World Series 1915
AL Champs 1916
World Series 1916
AL Champs 1918
World Series 1918
AL Champs 1946
AL Champs 1967
Division Champions 1975
AL Champs 1975
Division Champions 1986
AL Champs 1986
Division Champions 1988
Division Champions 1990
Division Champions 1995
Wild Card 1998
Wild Card 1999
Wild Card 2003
Wild Card 2004
AL Champs 2004
World Series 2004
Wild Card 2005
Division Champions 2007
AL Champs 2007
World Series 2007
Wild Card 2008

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