Carlton Fisk's Retired Number

All the names here have entered the Hall Of Fame as a Red Sox with the exception of Johnny Pesky, David Ortiz and of course Jackie Robinson. Even though Robinson never played with the Red Sox MLB retired his number in April 15, 1997. It is required that all baseball teams display his number in their stadium. Johnny Pesky is the only Red Sox member with his number retired to not have entered the Hall Of Fame.

Boston Red Sox Retired Numbers
Number Player Date Retired
1 Bobby Doerr* May 21, 1988
4 Joe Cronin* May 24, 1984
6 Johnny Pesky September 28, 2008
8 Carl Yastrzemski* August 6, 1989
9 Ted Williams* May 29, 1984
14 Jim Rice* July 28, 2009
26 Wade Boggs* July 28, 2015|-
27 Carlton Fisk* September 4, 2000
45 Pedro Martinez* July 28, 2015
34 David Ortiz October 2, 2016
42 Jackie Robinson* April 15, 1997
  • =Elected into Hall of Fame.

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